How RM1UOS11 can change the rate of price to performance/capacity,

RM1UOS11 combines many benefits in a compact size solution with an acceptable cost

RM1UOS11 can be utilized as Backup storage for medium to large or as a production SAN for small to medium enterprises

RM1UOS11 features 4-Bay SATA drives with ZFS file system and RAIDs with support for 2.5" internal SSD drive as Write Cache same time, using DDR4 memory as Read Cache for more performance even in production environments.

Fiber Channel

RM1UOS11 with Fiber Channel in a 1U SATA solution is a very adoptable choice for enterprise backup

ZFS Technology

Solaris on the background means the real performance and integrity of the ZFS filesystem

Fast Rebuild

ZFS incremental rebuild will only existed data to new disks and dramatically decreases the rebuild time.

User-Friendly web UI

StormaX web UI is very simple to use with many predefined values to help beginner system administrators making the storage working with few clicks, same time well engineered with all configurable options for ZFS expert administrators those are looking to tune all storage metrics

Oracle Analytics Dashboard

Oracle Solaris Analytics Dashboard is an engineered dashboard to monitor all system metrics including Disk IO, Memory and CPU Usage and Storage Pool statistics.
To achieve a very flexible monitoring dashboard, it is possible to create custom dashboards with a lot of predefined monitors.

Pool based storage management

ZFS is a Pool based storage file system so you can create storage Pools with various RAID types then build your LUNs on top of the under layer Storage Pool
With RAIDz3, you will have 3 parity disks per group so even safer than traditional RAID6

SSD Read Cache improve read performance

RM1UOS11 supports 1 internal SSD that can be used for Read Cache
In addition, another performance optimization is using DRAM for Read Cache which is enabled by default.

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