Capacity is not a challenge with RM4UOS11-60LFEXP

RM4UOS11-60LFEXP is a high density disk enclosure to expand capacity of StormaX storage units up to 1PB-HDD and 1.8PB-SSD raw capacity per enclosure

RM4UOS11-60LFEXP features 60-Bay SAS/SATA drives with SSD compatibility to achieve Capacity and Performance in one solution

Big Data

Up to 1.8 Petabytes Flash-Storage makes RM4UOS11-60LFEXP an ideal solution for Big Data

ZFS Technology

Solaris on the background means the real performance and integrity of the ZFS filesystem

Video Surveillance

RM4UOS11-60LFEXP supports SATA disks as a cost effective high capacity solution for Video Surveillance

User-Friendly web UI

StormaX web UI is very simple to use with many predefined values to help beginner system administrators making the storage working with few clicks, same time well engineered with all configurable options for ZFS expert administrators those are looking to tune all storage metrics

Oracle Analytics Dashboard

Oracle Solaris Analytics Dashboard is an engineered dashboard to monitor all system metrics including Disk IO, Memory and CPU Usage and Storage Pool statistics.
To achieve a very flexible monitoring dashboard, it is possible to create custom dashboards with a lot of predefined monitors.

Automatic Snapshots

ZFS file system is capable to hold thousands of snapshots per LUN without any significant performance overhead
Automatic Snapshot is a versatile scheduler to create complex jobs and meet any customer need to protect data integrity

SSD Write Cache for IO intensive services

SM2UOS11-12LF uses ZFS Intent Log "ZIL" technology to cover system requirements in Write Cache protection requirements.
Mixing HDDs and SSDs is a cost effective way to build a storage with cost of Tier3 and performance of Tier1

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